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  1. gooner4ever
    gooner4ever In ya pop Partridge
    Bye Hiag, shame you didn’t have the balls to honour your bets you tart
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  2. Shedend1959
    Was shedend59
  3. Sidthemackem
    One of the Gillingham 329
  4. alwaysagoodday
  5. Spurf
  6. Eireleeds1
    Not a pessimist, a realist
  7. Geo10
    To be honest 6/7mm tyres aren’t something I come across, that sort of tread is nearly new so the chances of people taking them off are slim. However it’s not impossible, best bet is ebay and bring them for us to fit
  8. Luke O'Nien
    Luke O'Nien originallambrettaman
    I said nothing wrong on the thread
  9. Oliver's Army
    Oliver's Army
    Hiding in the trees with a picnic
  10. ygrace680
    ygrace680 ToledoTrumpton provides football live scores and results service for more than 1500 football leagues, cups and tournaments. You can find league tables, goal scorers, halftime results, yellow and red cards, goal alerts and other football live score information on it. →
  11. dred
    Claim to fame. Went to the Vasas Budapest v Sunderland game 73
  12. Suckmyklopp
  13. wtdog
    The most handsomest on here
  14. Eye Ball Paul
  15. phil_harmonic
    Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the ships going out and coming back again.
  16. Jme
    5 decades and still waiting
  17. optimistic_1973
    Waiting for the big announcement
  18. cheshireles
    I used to be indecisive about whether to watch City, now I'm not quite sure
  19. The Redbaron
    The Redbaron
    "to boldly go where no Sunderland supporter has been before"..."to the Champions league,and beyond"
  20. Wackyjacky
    Wackyjacky Smug in Boots
    Hiya mate, was talking to Crosby FTM on RTG and he said you had a spare for Satda at Lincoln. Is it still spare? Cheers.
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