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  1. Bustino74
    Amateurish Breeding Enthusiast
  2. canary-dave
    canary-dave Redruth
    Hi Redruth, no worries, I didn't take anything wrongly, it's sometimes difficult to convey any verbal communication with just the written word

    Once again thank you for your kind wishes.,

    Kind regards,

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  3. Redruth
    Redruth canary-dave
    Morning Dave, apologies for the first bit of my post, just shows how thick I am, I started to write it then realised it might seem a tad callous ( which was never intended) then it still appeared !!
  4. Britewite
  5. ----HistoryRepeating----
    “Football Is The Most Important Of The Least Important Things In Life”
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  6. I8clowntown
    Still in the Premier league
  7. luvgonzo
    Following Libby.
  8. ellandback
  9. aberdude
    aberdude Stereo
    You got a right beauty on your thread dude.... You lost... Churchill is hard and Germany out ..... Hope he is OK with the German Queen he got lol.

    he's a dumb racist twat that even makes Lurker come across like nik tesla.
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  10. Gil T Azell
    Gil T Azell
    Currently enrolled on a Fountain pen Diploma course.
  11. Pish Flaps
  12. Bustino74
    Amateurish Breeding Enthusiast
  13. qprted
    qprted Beddytare
    beddytare im trying to get back onto we are the rangers boys site but im not very good with computers can you get them to see if any of there posters can message me on this site with a new password so that i can post back on that site or could you join up on thee site and try to see if any of there staff can help
    1. Beddytare
      Suggest you pm brb he would be the person to help
      Feb 9, 2020
  14. mustyfrog
    Why are people so unkind?
  15. Emu
    Status Message
  16. Leo Billy
    Leo Billy
    Alreet bonnie lass
  17. LiamO
    Mildly offensive
  18. LiamO
  19. zetapeta
    zetapeta Skylarker
    Hey man i found you by searching for the song you are talking about in this post,
    its a jungle book dnb remix and its impossible to find on youtube or any other sites... have you downloaded it or something ... ill take you down the moon if u ask me for it if u have a copy of the song!!
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    2. Skylarker
      What's the tune called? I've probably got it somewhere. That was posted years ago so can't remember.
      Jan 21, 2020
    3. zetapeta
      djungle book d'n'b remix or something like that
      Help me obiwan Skylarker, you are my only hope
      Jan 22, 2020
    4. Skylarker
      Ok I'll get on the case. I'm at work till later but I will look for you so remember to keep checking back in. Safe.
      Jan 22, 2020
  20. tommylion
    first joined this forum in 2011 but got cheesed of with it - thought I’d give it another go. Now living in France so watch on ifollow