Don't give it if you can't take it

Discussion in 'Northampton' started by Guywanderer, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Wycombe 1 Northampton 1

    The Northampton players were a nasty bunch of cheats who don't like a taste of their own medicine thugs like Cresswell, Collins and Hackett were at it from the start they don't play football they just bully the opposition at both ends of the pitch typical of Wilder teams! only they thought we would just take it like we did last season and not fight back they got a nasty shock and went home squealing like a bunch of girls the game needed a strong ref instead we got a whistle happy fool who consistently made the most baffling desissions
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    Hello Guy <ok>

    We had them at Fratton Park tonight in the JPT 2nd round. They beat us 2-1. We had six youngsters in our squad, and the dirty gits injured Joe Devera (off after just 8 minutes), Adam Webster and Rickie Holmes. They are a disgusting team, and I truly hope they get relegated this season.

    End of rant <laugh>

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