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    No juries am and there was a vacancy and belonging sure that is a governor Robert that point appointed me out add to that position at which I held for number appears and then my old friend Jerry beliers politics and timing is everything had run for governor there was a vacancy in the Virginia Supreme Court um and in Virginia you the governor may appoint if the legislature is not in session Opuderm Premium Skin Care you hold office until um the get legislature comes back in session and then you're elected for a term and I the governor proposed to me and said would you serve in the Virginia Supreme Court met with him and I took that little job for quite a while and retired about five years ago and I'm and M a senior a justice now I still sit with the court every session but only right to opinions on I want to emphasize are some things that were said and in saying also lead even though there are and have been as you’ve heard and as you see many more women are sitting in judicial positions usual there are a lot of them in outstate and no family ..
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