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Discussion in 'Leicester City' started by Proud Fox, Sep 18, 2019.

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    The challenge did look bad live but I’ve seen the replays since and it was strong but he got the ball so the decision was probably fair.
    With the offside and VAR, given its for clear and obvious errors, that’s the issue I have even though we’ve benefited this time
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    Clear and obvious doesn't relate to the offside rule, offside by a yard or mm is still offside, i'd expect us to be disallowed that goal if we were in that situation. The measure really needs to go back to feet so its easily visible though, rather than judging from the armpits, thats a problem with the rules though, not VAR.

    Clear and obvious error would be if the ref gave the Sissoko challenge as a red, rather than the yellow it deserved on review.

    This brings up another problem though, the FA try to make refs so bulletproof that they are never wrong, which means VAR, even if the refs decision is wrong on review, probably don't want to over-rule their decisions.
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