The day trainee priests beat Real Madrid 6-2

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    And also gave them a lesson on how to play football.

    FC Real Madrid issued a challenge to all-comers. Los meringue, a familiar sobriquet for Real, had completed their third successive league title and seemed invincible. The seminarians of the Royal English College at Valladolid took up the gauntlet. On a bright April day in 1907 the mighty Madrileños were defeated 6-2.

    Fr Linehan, who captained the college side and played as goalkeeper, later served with great distinction as a Chaplain with the East Lancashire Regiment in the Dardanelles, Mesopotamia and Gallipoli. In the late 1950s while attending a football match at Old Trafford Fr Lineham, now a priest in the diocese of Salford, was introduced to Señor Santiago Bernebeu, the then president of Real Madrid who had participated in the historic football game, and Bernebeu told him: “That game changed the whole history of football in Spain by showing us how football should be played.”

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